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DOVOH was established in 2014.

We're a China-based laser level company. We have always provided more high-quality and precise laser levels for over 9+ years.

We input our vision into our brand, while D means Distance, V means Vertical, and H means Horizontal. They are not only the measurement of physics but also the criteria of our products - Detecting the distance, vertical and horizontal lines efficiently and accurately.

We designed and created more than 30 types of laser levels including cross-line and plane laser levels and had a team of professional laser engineers to ensure the safety and utility of each tool.

Our Self-Leveling Laser Level cover Greeen Beem Laser Level, Red Beem Laser Level, Outdoor Laser Level, Laser Level 360, Construction Laser Level, Floor Laser Level, Wall Laser Level, and Ceiling Laser Level.

Quality First, Customer-Minded is our mission. Welcome to using Dovoh laser levels!

Any questions or collaboration needs, please contact

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