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How to Use a Laser Level Outdoors in Daylight?

How to Use a Laser Level Outdoors in Daylight?

Laser levels are essential tools for achieving precise leveling and alignment, and their versatility extends beyond indoor settings to outdoor environments. Whether you're working on construction projects, landscaping, decking, or any task requiring daylight visibility, using the right laser level is important. This guide will walk you through how to use DOVOH High Visibility Laser Level outdoors.

1. Selecting the Right Outdoor-Friendly Laser Level

Choosing the appropriate laser level for outdoor use is paramount.

DOVOH High Visibility Laser Level H3-360G is a game-changing laser product for outdoor use. It adopts 110mw high-power laser diodes. By contrast, most other laser levels use 30mw laser diodes. Below is the laser beam brightness comparison between DOVOH H3-360G (110mw) and DOVOH K3-360G (30mw).

K3-360G VS H3-360G brightness compare

The high-power laser diodes may generate a lot of heat, resulting in the diodes burning. DOVOH 360 Laser Level H3-360G adopts a unique mechanical design to reach the best level of heat dissipation. It can prolong the lifespan of the laser level for a long period of use.

A green beam is generally more visible than a red beam in daylight. Selecting a green laser level is a better choice for outdoor use.

2. Utilizing a Laser Level Receiver for Extended Range

Consider using a laser detector or receiver for tasks that require working over longer distances. These devices can detect the laser beam even when it's beyond the naked eye's visibility range, extending the reach of your laser level. DOVOH laser level receiver features a loud audio speaker so you can know the position of the laser beam through 3 different sound frequencies from a long distance away.

DOVOH Laser Level Receiver DR1 will be your best choice for applications requiring high accuracy. It provides ±1mm fine accuracy for high-precision use and coarse accuracy at ±3mm for easier detection.

When working with a laser level receiver, ensure you have activated the Pulse Mode of the laser level so the receiver can detect the laser beam.

3. Utilizing Green Target Plate and Green Enhanced Glasses

A green target plate generally laying with a reflective film, which can increase the visibility of the green laser beam. Green-enhanced glasses can also help you see the green beam more easily.

Utilizing Green Target Plate and Green Enhance Glasses4.Choosing a Dustproof and Durable Laser Level

The outdoor environments could be harsh, but the laser level must be durable and reliable in various environments. DOVOH Outdoor Laser Level H3-360G is dustproof and IP54 waterproof. Its core assembly adopts a unique fixing design to increase the resistance to impacts, vibrations, and environmental factors that might otherwise affect its accuracy or reliability.

How to Buy DOVOH High Visibility Laser Level H3-360G?

You can purchase DOVOH Outdoor Laser Level from Amazon or directly from


Using a laser level outdoors requires a thoughtful and systematic approach to ensure visible and reliable results. By selecting the right laser level for outdoor use considering environmental factors, you can leverage the precision and efficiency of this tool in various outdoor applications. Whether constructing, landscaping, or grading, mastering a laser level outdoors opens up new possibilities for achieving perfection in your projects.

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