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DOVOH - Precision Laser Levels Since 2014

Established in 2014, DOVOH is a leading China-based laser level company with a reputation for delivering high-quality and precise laser levels for over 9 years.
Our name reflects our core values,
"D" for Distance
"V" for Vertical
"H" for Horizontal
DOVOH - ensure efficient and accurate measurements.

We offer over 30 laser level types, including cross-line and plane laser levels. DOVOH has a team of professional laser engineers who ensure the safety and utility of each tool. Our Self-Leveling Laser Level offerings include Green Beam Laser Level, Red Beam Laser Level, Outdoor Laser Level, 360° Laser Level, Construction Laser Level, Floor Laser Level, Wall Tile Laser Level, and Ceiling Laser Level etc.

DOVOH Accuracy Calibration Process

DOVOH performs multiple processes of accuracy calibration and inspection during the laser level production to ensure all laser levels meet the accuracy standard of ±1/13 in. at 33ft (±2mm/10m).

Dovoh ±4° self leveling calibration and testing

Self Leveling Calibration and Testing

Dovoh adjusted the balance weight from various directions to calibrate the laser line accuracy.

DOVOH Accuracy Calibration Process

Dovoh staff adopts an automatic accuracy inspection system to inspect the overall accuracy when the assembly is completed.

DOVOH Accuracy Inspection

Quality First, Customer-Minded.

At DOVOH, quality and customer satisfaction are paramount.
We maintain rigorous testing standards, ensuring our laser levels pass salt spray, button, accuracy, waterproof, aging, high and low-temperature, shock-resistant, transportation tests, etc. Trust DOVOH for precision and reliability in all your laser leveling needs.

Laser Beam Power Balance

Waterproof Testing

Keyboard Life Testing

Why choose DOVOH laser level? Accuracy!

Accuracy Leads To First-class Level

Based on metal blade axicon technology, DOVOH uses high-precision axicon components to reflect the high accuracy of leveling laser lines.
DOVOH adopts an enhanced pendulum framework to ensure consistently high accuracy and durability.
DOVOH laser level features durable housing constructed from high-quality plastic surrounded by rubber edge, and the laser cover is made from aluminum alloy to protect the device from unexpected drops.

We provide a solid two-year warranty for quality and an impressive five-year accuracy warranty. Our mission is "Quality First, Customer-Minded," aiming to provide high-accuracy laser level solutions.

Dovoh laser level provides 2 years quality warranty and 5 years accuracy warranty
Dovoh laser level provides 2 years quality warranty and 5 years accuracy warranty


Factory address: No. 8, Lane 2, Cuihe Road, Baidi Community, Zhangmutou Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China 523635

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