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Niveau laser vert ultra-brillant Dovoh 3x360° (H3-360G)

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€262,95 - €262,95
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🔸DOVOH offers 5 years accuracy and 2 years quality warranties for their laser levels.
🔸110mw high power green laser projects brighter beam than others
🔸The exclusive pendulum assembly design protects the pendulum for a longer lifespan and accuracy.
🔸12 lines laser level 3D which includes one 360° horizontal line and two 360° vertical lines.
🔸The laser level features self-leveling and manual modes with a ±4° range and angle locking ability.
🔸The laser level also supports pulse mode and has dual high-capacity batteries that can work for over 8 hours with 12 lines fully opened

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【5 Years Accuracy Warranty】DOVOH is committed to providing high-accuracy laser levels to our customers. For laser levels with unqualified accuracy caused by regular use in 5 years, DOVOH will repair or replace with a new item without charge. And DOVOH provides 2 years warranty for any quality issues caused by regular use.
【High Visibility Green Laser Line】This self-leveling laser level outdoor adopts 110mw high power laser diodes that can project brighter green beams, while most other laser levels use 30mw laser diodes. Even so, the laser beam is hardly visible in daylight, we recommend you use a receiver in daylight.
【Durable Pendulum Assembly】The laser level 360 self-leveling features an exclusive pendulum assembly design, it contains two cushioning structures to protect the pendulum from delivery collision, drop, and daily use. It ensures a longer lifespan and keeps high accuracy from long-time usage.
【12 lines Laser Level 3d】This laser levels for construction include one 360° horizontal line and two 360° vertical lines which cover all around the room. You can lock the pendulum to enter manual mode to lock the lines at any angle and unlock the pendulum to switch to self-leveling mode, the self-leveling angle is ±4°.
【Outdoor Laser Level with Pulse Mode】The laser level outdoor 360 support pulse mode, it works with a 10 KHz receiver (receiver is not included). The operating range can be extended to 197ft/60m under pulse mode with a laser receiver. Working with the receiver is recommended for use in daylight.
【Dual High Capacity Batteries】This laser level outdoor use contains two 7.4V 2600mAh lithium batteries, which allows the electronic laser level to work for over 8 hours with 12 lines fully opened. When the battery is out of power, it can still be used at the job site by plugged in.


Model: H3-360G
Laser Class: Ⅱ
Item Dimensions: 5.91x3.15x4.92in (150x80x125mm)
Item Weight: 825g
Laser Type: 520nm, <1mw
Laser Beam: Green
Working Range (300LUX): 66ft/20m
Working Range (with laser receiver): 130ft~197ft/40m~60m
Working Time with 4 laser lines: 18 hours
Working Time with 8 laser lines: 11 hours
Working Time with 12 laser lines: 8 hours
Leveling Accuracy: ±1/13 in. at 33ft (±2mm/10m)
Self-leveling Range: ±4°
Self-leveling Time: < 4 seconds
Power Adapter: 5V=1A
Battery: 7.4V 2600mAh Li-ion Battery
Charger: Input: 5V=1A, Output: 500mA
Charging Time: About 6 hours
Charging Port: Type-C
Thread Mount: 1/4"-20 & 5/8"-11
IP Rating: IP54 (Water & Dustproof)
Operation Max. Humidity: 90%
Operation Temperature: -10℃ ~ 40℃ (14℉ ~ 104℉)
Storage Temperature: -20℃ ~ 70℃ (-4℉ ~ 158℉)

Packing List

1 x Outdoor Laser Level
1 x Hard Toolbox
1 x Enhance Glasses
1 x Magnetic Bracket
1 x Green Target Plate
1 x User Manual
1 x Adapter, Charger,Type-C Cable
2 x Li-ion Batteries


How does a laser level work?
The word “laser” is an acronym for Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation. While the science is a bit complicated that means that lasers emit radiation in the form of visible light. In the case of a laser level, that radiation light is emitted by an LED (light-emitting diode) semiconductor, and then tightly focused by use of an internal mirror or prism into an intense beam of light.

How do you use a laser level to hang pictures?
If you are just hanging a single lightweight picture on the wall, you don’t need a laser level. But if you are hanging several pictures in a row, are hanging a single heavy mirror or picture that requires multiple nails to secure it in place, or are hanging pictures along an incline, such as over a staircase, then you’ll find a laser level makes the job far easier than eyeballing it or relying on a measuring tape and pencil.

To hang pictures with a laser level, first, determine where you want to hang your pictures and the desired layout. Next, use your laser level to cast a beam of light onto the wall where the pictures are to be hung.

If you want the tops or bottoms of the pictures to be aligned, you'll need to measure the distance from the hanging hook or wire on the back of the artwork to the top or bottom edge. Now measure that distance above or below the beam of light to indicate where you'll need to place nails.

If you're aligning your artwork by the midpoint of each picture, you'll need to measure the height of the artwork and divide it by two to come up with its midpoint. Now, measure the length from that midpoint to the hanging wire or bracket on the back of the picture. Finally, use your ruler to find that measurement above the laser beam and make small pencil markings to mark each spot where you'll hammer in a nail. Then, hammer in the nails and hang your artwork.

How do you use a laser level without a tripod?
While a tripod makes it easy to keep your laser level steady, it’s not impossible to use without one. You can set the laser level on a chair, table, cabinet, or any other flat surface that’s across the room from the wall where you want to beam the light. You might need to use books or other items to raise the laser level to the appropriate height.

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⚠️Don't look at the laser beam directly.
Check compatibility before purchasing due to international voltage differences.


Accuracy Leads To First-class Level
DOVOH uses the high-precision optical lens to scatter high accuracy of leveling laser line.
DOVOH adopts an enhanced pendulum framework to ensure consistently high accuracy and durability.
DOVOH laser level features durable housing which is constructed from high-quality plastic surrounded by rubber edge to protect the device from the unexpected drop.


Ultra-bright laser level

Ultra-bright laser level

110mw Laser Diodes High Visibility Green Laser Line
12 lines Laser Level 3d
5 Years Accuracy Warranty
Durable Pendulum Assembly
Shock-resistant Tests Passed
IP54 (Water/Dustproof) Design
Self-leveling within ±4°& Manual Mode
Outdoor Laser Level with Pulse Mode
Dual 2600mAh High Capacity Batteries


🔹Fast blinking and beeping occurs when the laser is out of the self-leveling range(±4°).
🔹The working range varies based on the operating environment.
🔹Use laser receiver to increase working range under pulse mode.
🔹The laser beam in manual mode can't be used as a horizontal or vertical reference.
⚠️Laser devices are indispensable tools for many construction professions. However, like all instruments, it is crucial to educate oneself on their appropriate usage and potential hazards prior to operation. Directly gazing into a laser beam is strictly prohibited! Thus, it is of utmost importance to exercise caution and remain knowledgeable about the essential safety measures to avert any mishaps.


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