How to Use a Laser Level

How to Use a Laser Level

  1. Set up the laser level on a tripod or flat surface.
  2. If it is a manual level, you must ensure the bubble vials show level. Find the small screws near the vial. Adjust them until the bubbles vials show level.
  3. Turn on the laser level.
  4. If it is a self-leveling model, allow it a moment to self-level itself.
  5. The unit emits a laser showing level either on a wall or across an outdoor workspace (depending on the type of laser level, it could be a dot, multiple line or rotary laser showing level at 360 degrees horizontally or vertically).
  6. You may use a laser detector to intercept the laser if there’s no wall to “catch” it (typically outdoors).
  7. Connect the detector to a measuring rod.
  8. Adjust the detector up and down the rod until you hear beeping. This means the detector has found the laser.
  9. You have found level. Secure the detector to the rod and make measurements as necessary.


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