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How to change batteries in a laser level?

How to change batteries in a laser level?

Laser levels are essential tools for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike when achieving precise and accurate leveling and alignment tasks. To ensure that your laser level continues to function optimally, it's crucial to maintain its power source. In this blog, we'll introduce types of laser levels and battery types and provide a step-by-step guide on changing the batteries at a laser level, ensuring that your tool remains reliable and accurate.

Types of Laser Levels and Battery Types

Laser levels come in various types, each with its specific battery requirements:

1. Rotary Laser Level:
 Battery Type: Rechargeable
 Use: Typically, professional-grade rotary laser levels utilize built-in rechargeable batteries. These batteries are cost-effective and eco-friendly for long-term use, as they can be charged through the device's charging interface.

2. Line Laser Level:
 Battery Type: Rechargeable or Disposable
 Use: Depending on the model, line laser levels may use either rechargeable or disposable batteries. Advanced models often come with rechargeable batteries, while entry-level or portable devices may use disposable batteries.

3. Point Laser Level:
 Battery Type: Disposable
 Use: Point laser levels usually operate on disposable batteries since their energy demands are relatively low, and disposable batteries typically suffice for the device's usage time.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Change Batteries in a Laser Level

Step 1: Safety First

Before changing the batteries in your laser level, prioritize safety. Ensure the laser level is turned off and remove any laser glasses or safety goggles you may be wearing.

Step 2: Gather the Necessary Tools

To change the batteries in your laser level, you'll need a few essential tools and supplies:

1. A replacement set of batteries: Consult your laser level's user manual to identify the correct battery type and voltage required. Laser levels typically use alkaline or rechargeable batteries.

2. Screwdriver: Depending on your laser level model, you might need a screwdriver to access the battery compartment. But some brands or types can open it directly without a screwdriver, such as our Dovoh 360 Laser Levels. You can open the battery compartment and change the battery quickly.

3. Cleaning cloth: To wipe away any dust or debris that may have accumulated on the battery contacts.

Step 3: Locate the Battery Compartment

Most laser levels have a marked battery compartment, often located on the side or bottom of the device. Refer to your laser level's user manual for specific guidance if you're unsure.

Step 4: Remove the Old Batteries

If your laser level's battery compartment is secured with screws, use the appropriate screwdriver to remove them. Carefully open the compartment and remove the old batteries. Be mindful of the battery orientation; they usually have markings indicating the correct polarity (positive and negative). Note the arrangement or take a photo to ensure you insert the new batteries correctly.

Step 5: Clean the Contacts

Before inserting the new batteries, inspect the battery contacts within the compartment. If there's any corrosion or debris, use a clean, dry cloth to wipe them clean gently. This ensures a good connection for your new batteries.

Step 6: Insert the New Batteries

Carefully insert the new batteries into the compartment, ensuring they match the correct polarity. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for the order in which the batteries should be placed. Ensure a snug fit for each battery so they don't rattle or move around inside the compartment.

Step 7: Secure the Battery Compartment

If your laser level's battery compartment is secured with screws, reattach them securely. Ensure the compartment is sealed correctly to protect the batteries and maintain the laser level's integrity.

Step 8: Test the Laser Level

Turn on your laser level and test it to ensure that the new batteries are working correctly. Make sure the laser beam is visible and aligned as expected.

Step 9: Dispose of Old Batteries Properly

Dispose of the old batteries following your local regulations and recycling guidelines. Many communities have designated recycling centers for used batteries.


Changing the batteries in your laser level is a simple yet essential maintenance task to ensure the continued accuracy and reliability of your tool. By following these steps and consulting your laser level's user manual for model-specific instructions, you can keep your laser level in optimal working condition for all your leveling and alignment needs. Remember, regularly replacing batteries is a small but significant step in maximizing the lifespan and performance of your laser level.

About Dovoh

DOVOH was established in 2014. We're a leading China-based laser level company with a strong reputation for providing high-quality and precise laser levels for over 9+ years. Our laser levels are sold to China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Japan, and other countries.

Dovoh professional laser levels' leveling accuracy is ±2mm/ 10m(±1/13 inch at 33ft). It's a good performance in this industry. We use a high-precision axicon component to reflect the high accuracy of the leveling laser beam. The laser level features durable housing surrounded by a rubber edge, and the laser cover is constructed from aluminum alloy. We use top-quality material to make sure it keeps consistently high accuracy.

At DOVOH, we prioritize quality and customer satisfaction. We provide a comprehensive warranty of two years for quality and five years for accuracy for our laser levels, giving our customers peace of mind and confidence in their purchase.

Welcome you to experience the precision and reliability of DOVOH laser levels.
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